Welcome to my new Blog!

Hello all!

For those of you who may know me, my name is Ashley.  I have been commenting on several other fellow skeptic/atheist bloggers blogs for several years now and I figure I can branch out on my own.  This is something I have been thinking about doing for several months now but finally summoned the courage to write something.  My goal is to have something new on my site approximately 2-3 times a month and possibly more if time permits.  Stay tuned for my first REAL post.  I am looking forward to getting your feedback and critiques about any and all subjects that I write about.  If you feel I have misrepresented someone’s view – let me know.  If you feel I have made an error in logic or critical thinking, I absolutely want to know.  Thanks for tuning in!


5 thoughts on “Welcome to my new Blog!

  1. Ashley, Way to go! If you would add a link in the side panel to subscribe via email (it is automatic), otherwise everybody has to go through the reader. And look through your past comments and post some of the ones that have complete arguments here. (Reposting your own stuff is always kosher).

    As soon as you have something to read here, I will post a link to here on my blog (as will, I am sure many of your other fans).

    And I do so hope you’ll post something on homeopathy, so I can comment!



    • Oops. The Follow by Email is a selection for the side panel. The one that appears on the strip at top is a Follow by WordPress reader (which is clunky). Also, you put a “New Post” button in that same strip which gives folks access to your Dashboard, which you do *not *want.

      On Tue, Oct 21, 2014 at 8:09 PM, The Boastful Blasphemer wrote:

      > Ashley commented: “It should appear at the top of the page now. It > took me a while but I finally figured out how to do it! Enjoy my first real > post!”


  2. Hi Steve,

    You’ll have to bear with me. While I am not completely computer illiterate, I certainly won’t be getting a job in the high tech department anytime soon either.
    I was going through the dashboard last night trying to figure out how to restrict posts to my blog to only me (the administrator), and I can’t seem to find it, nor can I find your follow by email on the side panel (I was under the impression that it was a widget). If you could help me out, I would be very much in your debt.


    • It is automatic … if … if you don’t put a button for “New Post” on your banner strip at the top.

      I am a computer geek. I have been taking them apart and putting them back together since 1984 … and I don’t know what the heck is going on most of the time. I can’t tell you how many buttons on the Settings tab of my dashboard I pressed but it is a very large number and I am still not sure what did what.

      I recommended a Subscribe vis Email button (mine says “Sign Me Up” at the top right of the screen (the text is set in Settings) and I think you can add the button in Tools.

      I could not find how you got the “New Post” button at the top of your page. You might want to use WordPress’s Help to find out how to get it off.

      There are some WordPress Gurus but I am not one of them. Be aware that there are *two *WordPresses. One is the free on-line service were are working through right now and the other is a stand alone software program that designs websites for blogging that you have to host on your one. That one offers a great deal more control, etc. but it aint fee. Also, there is confusion which one people are talking about when you seek help on Google. for instance.

      I hope I am helping. Once you get going, there is really no problems and you’ll roll right along.



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