Word Games

I’m sure you must have heard of the experiment by now.  An informal experiment conducted by university students in Hamilton that tries to prove that all of us fun-loving, tolerant Canadians have absolutely zero tolerance for racism.  If not, read about it here:

First, notice that there is not one single solitary mention of the race made by the fake perpetrator towards the fake victim.  According to the article, this is what was said: “you can’t get on a bus dressed like a terrorist”.  Terrorists are a race now?  Or is it Muslims?  Are they a race?  If so, when exactly did that happen?

Did this prove anything about racism?  Not to me it didn’t

Secondly, we read this: “A group of Ontario university students trying to prove that not all Canadians were Islamophobic following the shooting death of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo appear to have made their point”

The word Islamophobe is a ridiculous concoction that is meant to silence critiques and critics of Islam.  It’s purpose is identical to blasphemy laws – the only difference is in the details.  In countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan, critics of Islam are silenced by resorting to the enforcement of blasphemy laws.  The penalties for committing blasphemy can be very severe, up to and including death.  Here in Canada, we would never dream of doing such a thing.  So people who want to silence critics, do the next best thing.  They invent words like Islamophobe.  Instead of using violence and force of law to shut you up, they employ the tactic of emotion and guilt.  They guilt you into thinking that by criticizing Islam, you are somehow condemning all Muslims as hateful and intolerant or terrorists.  They guilt you into thinking that you are being “racist”.  And the solution?  Keep your opinions to yourself of course!  You wouldn’t want to “offend” anyone would you?  Of course not!  So best to keep your mouth shut.  This tactic is working very well as anyone who watched a recent exchange between Ben Afleck and Sam Harris recently on Bill Maher’s show.  So concerned was Ben that Sam would say something “offensive” to any Muslim on the planet, he interrupted Sam numerous times and/or shouted “That’s racist” at the top of his lungs over and over and over until Sam’s time ran out.  “Let me unpack it for you” Sam said several times- trying in vain to explain his position – that Islam is the “mother lode of bad ideas”.  Ben and his cohorts would have none of that.  I find it both ironically humorous and maddening that the most vocal proponents of tolerance and liberty and peace and equality are the ones most likely to violate every single one of those principles in their feverous rush to protect other’s “feelings”.  I find it tragically ironic that the people who’s feelings they are trying to protect, are the very same people who adhere to the same stone age religion that uses blasphemy laws and violence to silence critics and critiques of it


One thought on “Word Games

  1. The actions taken against the symbols of Canada by these Islamists reveal the actual morivation: to attack our principles. The same threat is used against whomever dares criticize Islam. The same threat of violence is used by Islamists all the time against anyone who tries to advocate respect for autonomy, respect for legal equality, respect for the dignity of personhood. This threat to use and
    willingness to carry out violence is the modus operandi of Islam. Always has been. Currently is. Shall ever be. We haven’t even reached the necessary starting question: Why are we tolerating it.

    And we’re not there yet because so many people presume that we are somehow at fault for the religious beliefs of others. But the fact of the matter is that every muslim is a potential islamist. And that’s why I think citizenship should be predicated on an oath that supports those essential values – autonomy, legal equality, and dignity of personhood. Those who act against them should not be tolerated and respected but held in legal rebuke. This would give the government the right to deny to these folk citizenship and the legal protections and privileges that come from it.


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