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To Moderate or Not to Moderate, that is the question.

I have been frequenting other people’s blogs and have come across an interesting phenomenon.  Comment moderation (or censoring or refusal).  When I started this blog, the one thing that I absolutely insisted upon (for myself) is that I not moderate or edit or refuse comments of any kind – with some obvious exceptions such as spam or off-topic non-sequiturs if they go on for too long.  If I make a post about the bizarre tendency of people who claim to be atheists who take the religious apologists approach and you feel the need to start talking about your cars new paint job for several consecutive posts with no end in sight, I might tell you to buzz off and/or delete your comments.  But I have yet to encounter such a thing and I honestly don’t expect to.

So that brings me to the point of this post.  My reasoning for allowing any and all comments from anyone who pleases to leave them.  It gives me reason to question my own views and often end up doing research on topics that I might not have otherwise done and being slightly more knowledgeable for it.  It would never occur to me to post something and then consider my position so weak, that I would stoop to such tactics (deleting the post) rather than defend it.  To do anything less would be simply dishonest and disingenuous in my humble opinion.  To assert something as true and not allow scrutiny or questioning of it would seem to be completely pointless and would defeat the whole purpose of publishing anything in the first place.  As anyone who has been following my blog and has seen some of my posts on other blogs can guess, I much more prefer the type of comment that requires a response from me, rather than pat on the back, complimentary “good job” type comment.  Not that those aren’t welcome by any means, but I tend to find myself much more engaged and purposeful when I am responding to comments (or accusations).  I actually genuinely look forward to that kind of thing and I honestly feel that it gives my life a sense of purpose and meaning.  If I could get paid to do this kind of thing, I would quit my current job in a heart beat.  But since I can’t, y’all just have to deal with these quickly thrown together off-the-top-of-my-head posts, while I continue to grow and get better at it.

Thank you for your patience.


13 thoughts on “To Moderate or Not to Moderate, that is the question.

  1. I agree with you, and I also have ‘some’ moderation on my own blog. Currently it’s set up so that a first time responder will have to wait for the comment to be approved, but once I’ve confirmed it’s not a bot or spammer that’s made it’s way through the filter (which I check on often) they are then free to post without any delay.


  2. archaeopteryx1 says:

    Just wanted to show you, Ashley – I posted this two days ago, just ahead of a comment by you (emphasis, mine), on you-know-who’s blog:

    archaeopteryx1 says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    May 13, 2015 at 3:31 pm

    “…you have nothing equal to God’s word” – How would you know? You have only the words of fallible men, CLAIMING to have their god’s word.


    • I am actually quite surprised he hasn’t erased any of mine yet. But he usually doesn’t answer the questions and leaves me hanging. Very strange cat.


      • archaeopteryx1 says:

        Part of it is that I’ve been hassling him on other blogs as well as his own. I didn’t even know he had a blog until he started coming on Mak’s site, spouting his BS and flinging scripture like monkeys fling poo. That’s when I decided to follow him home and give him a dose of his own medicine. Normally I don’t bother anyone unless they bother me or any of my friends. I would NEVER go hunting for theist’s blogs to harass.


        • I understand. I figured that the best approach to talking to a person like that, is to use the Socratic method. Rather than argue with him, I simply ask questions and let him tie himself up into a gigantic pile of knots with his own words. It’s actually quite entertaining. I think I might start adopting this approach more often because I really do enjoy watching people trip over their own bullshit and I remain much more civil in the process. We’ll see what happens when I run into av8torbob next time! LOL


          • archaeopteryx1 says:

            Perhaps it’s because you’re a girl, or maybe it’s just because you’re anyone other than me, but I’ve never been able to get him to really try to respond to my comments, he usually just flings scripture and cautions to “avoid vain babblings.” I wish I actually COULD get him to really discuss a subject with me.


            • Ha ha ha! I can’t help but laugh when you said that it’s because I am a girl – because I get that all the time. I am in fact not a girl, but I am a man (41 year old one at that). But don’t worry about it. I get it ALL THE TIME. Half the time I try to use my credit card I get questioned on whether or not it’s mine. I’ve gotten very used to it. But you may have hit upon something there. Perhaps CS is being so nice to me because he thinks I am a girl? Interesting hypothesis…..
              I’m probably not going to spend much more time over there as there doesn’t seem to be much point. He’s a one trick pony and doesn’t really do anything else except quote scripture, refer to it as infallible and speak in tongues. It gets boring after a while. He seems more than content to have his adoring flock of sheeple fans patting him on the back and reblogging him.


              • archaeopteryx1 says:

                Isn’t that basically what I told you? Now you’ve had a chance to find out for yourself!

                BTW, I’ve been “Liking” several of your comments, but CS has disabled my “LIKE” button, so, today at least, I’ve been writing “LIKE” in the comment box, but as he moderates all of my comments, only one of them has so far been allowed to publish.

                He also called you “Mr,” and I corrected him, so it would seem he does know you’re a guy, and in that comment, I remarked that he must have been reading “Gone With the Wind,” referencing the character, “Ashley Wilkes,” so I guess the egg is on my face. There are just so many girls out there today named, “Ashley,” that it was an easy assumption.


  3. archaeopteryx1 says:

    Just wanted to report that I now have 12 comments sitting in moderation on CS’ blog, and those are just from yesterday (well, one from today, complaining about having 11 comments in moderation). I notice that he has already begun adding little editor’s notes to some of yours, that’s usually a sign he’s getting pissed – next step, moderation.

    Probably one of the reasons people think you’re a girl, had to do with the boobs on your avatar.


    • Ha ha ha. He did refer to me as sir/madam in one of his addresses so perhaps I will leave it ambiguous if it serves my purpose. He placed only 1 of my comments in moderation so far and it only stayed there for a few hours. But I did notice the notes he added to a few of my other comments. I called him out on it and he hasn’t done anything yet.
      But in the long run, it probably doesn’t really matter. The followers on his blog are more or less as delusional as he is so I don’t imagine it’s making much of an impression with anyone. And by judging from his last post, lamenting the right of gays to get married in Ireland, they’re just as intolerant and hateful too. They’re quite the bunch.


      • archaeopteryx1 says:

        The followers on his blog are more or less as delusional as he is so I don’t imagine it’s making much of an impression with anyone.

        No, but,
        a) It’s fun,
        b) One never knows the effect one is having on lurkers.

        Since I’ve begun posting there, his posts have gone from state-of-the-pulpit inspirational, to defensive, and I like that I have the power to cause him to make that shift! Yeah, don’t say it, I know —


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