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The Art of Obfuscation

While scrolling through various on-line news sources, I came across an article about an openly gay Imam living in Washington, D.C.  Read about it here:

When it comes to religion, and the spin that religious people put on their “interpretations” of it and how they chose to live their everyday lives, I simply can’t get enough of it.  I couldn’t wait to learn how this Imam reconciled his sexuality and his religion’s blatant condemnation of it.  Not very surprisingly, he simply asserted that there is no mention in the Qur’an about homosexuality.  Sure, there are places like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Mauritania, Yemen, and Sudan (all of which govern in strict accordance with Sharia) that execute people for being homosexual but according to Daayiee Abdullah, there is absolutely no Qur’anic justification for that whatsoever.

This is a very blatant display of obfuscation and cognitive dissonance.  All one has to do is Google the words Islam and Homosexuality and take your pick from the numerous sources that have the actual verses in the Qur’an and the Hadith that outright condemn homosexuality.  Both make numerous references to the people of Lut (Lot in the Christian bible that it was obviously plagiarized from) and how they were completely wiped out for their “lewd” behavior and rampant homosexuality.  There’s no way on earth someone could read all of the verses in those “holy” books and come away with the conclusion that homosexuality isn’t, at bare minimum a wholly condemned and punishable practice.  It’s impossible.  Unless of course you change the meaning of words and/or “interpret” those words to mean whatever you want them to mean and, then you can justify doing and saying anything you please.  If you want to do that, I can’t stop you, but please don’t expect me to take anything you say seriously.  You’ve embarrassed yourself beyond words.  This is the problem when one tries to reconcile modern day thinking, openness, tolerance and equality on the topic of homosexuality with the barbaric, stone-age, illogical precepts of Islam.  It doesn’t work and you end up looking like a complete fool.

Personally, I find my approach much easier.  I recognize that homosexuals are human beings, that they are my equal in every regard, that they should be afforded all the rights and privileges that all humans have, and that sexual preference has no bearing on those rights and privileges any more than gender, skin colour, race or nationality do.  No need to square my views with some primitive, fairy-tale nonsense or anything like that.  Simple, easy, straight-forward, logical approach to a (non) “problem” that is created solely because of religious belief in the first place.


One thought on “The Art of Obfuscation

  1. That imam is a strange one.
    Before the Koran or bybowl condemned homosexuality, we can assume people had no problems with it. We need to find out what was their reasons for objection


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