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Is it Religion? No, It’s Politics!!!!!! Politics and Western Influence!

Why does ISIS want to install a Muslim Caliphate across Syria and Iraq (and as many other places as they can) and use jihad as a means to reach its end?  I’ll bet you (like me) were going to say religion weren’t you?  Well, I am here to let you know that we are all incorrect.  Where does ISIS come from in the first place?  You weren’t going to say religion were you?  WRONG!  Is ISIS a religious movement?  No!  It’s a political one!  Apparently, all of the madness that is happening in Iraq and Syria right now is happening because of Politics!  Politics, American Foreign Policy and Western Influence.  Surprised?  Me too!  I could have sworn that I could make a direct connection between the religion of Islam and jihad, Sharia and Muslim Caliphates, but apparently, I was mistaken.  These things are only side bar issues, the result of depraved, unemployed, desperate, unfortunately souls who are sick and tired of Western Influence meddling in their affairs.  Its the byproduct of a 100 years of Western interference and a long standing sense of political grievance that interference has fostered.  The desired ends are inherently political in nature, by definition.

But what about the throwing of gay men off of roof tops to their deaths?  What about the killing of civilians of different religious faiths?  Surely these things are because of religion?  Wrong again!!!!!  Clearly, this happens because of Western interference!  Westerners, particularly Americans, are always meddling in the affairs of countries in the middle east, exploiting them, stealing their oil and resources.  That’s why Saudi Arabia sentences blasphemous bloggers to 10 years in prison and 100 lashes and plans to behead and crucify a person for participating in anti-government protests.  That’s why ISIS executes gay people and civilians.  That’s why Al Queda and The Taliban target other Muslims and children in their suicide bombings and attacks, even in countries that the US hasn’t invaded and considers an ally (like Pakistan).  What did you expect?  What choice do they have?

If only we’d just disband all of our military infrastructure, and never wage war against anyone ever again, regardless of the reason, then everything would be ok.


14 thoughts on “Is it Religion? No, It’s Politics!!!!!! Politics and Western Influence!

    • archaeopteryx1 says:

      There’s an Imam in London who says that the crescent flag will one day fly above Parliament. It seems to be his plan for Muslims to outbreed Englanders, and one day become a voting majority. Sleep well.


      • Oh no no no no no Arch. The delusional and hateful rantings of Anjem Choudary are the result of Western Hegemony and American Foreign policy. It’s got nothing to do with Islam and Muslims. Don’t agree with that?! That’s gross! That’s racist!
        Now excuse me while I refrain from drawing cartoons of Mohammed because I am pulverized with fear that some lunatic will come blow up my house. Ooops did I say that? Sorry. I meant “because I want to be respectful”

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