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Censorship run Amok

Perusing through the news, I came across this article about serial killer Robert Picton (who proclaims his innocence) writing a memoir that has been withdrawn from the Canadian site of Amazon within hours of it being posted.

There are so many contradictions and twisted/illogical thinking in this case that I am having a hard time wrapping my head around this.  The memoir, titled “Picton: In his own words” was available on until it was suddenly pulled from their site with no explanation.  B.C. Public Safety Minister Mike Morris is quite committed to ensuring that Robert Picton cannot profit from this book, and that “Our government believes that crime should not pay, so all British Columbians are safe. We are very clear on this.”  So Robert Picton shouldn’t be able to profit from his crime.  Fair enough.  Even though his book proclaims that he was innocent and that he was framed by Police, I can agree with that statement.  But what I can’t agree with, is the outright censorship of his book.  It hasn’t been made clear to me how, by censoring his book, people of BC have been “made safe”.  Someone would have to explain to me how the publishing of a book is a grave danger.  Especially since Lori Shenher, who helped bring Pickton to justice, wrote and published her own book on the case.  How can one book written about Robert Picton by a 3rd party not be “safe” and a book written by the man himself be “not safe”.  This makes no sense to me.

It seems very clear to me that the PC police and the Social Justice Warriors in both the public and private sector have banded together to make sure that we only read what they want us to read.  This is shameful.  Shameful and frightening.


4 thoughts on “Censorship run Amok

  1. Classic case of bunched up panties. If people would simply learn how to wear clothes comfortably, and stop using their religious/political/justice warrior attitudes on every issue that comes down the pike, we would see less of this kind of issue.

    Justified censorship, follows the same dreadful path as justified homicide, just not taken quite as far.


    • I don’t know if you follow Jerry Coyne’s blog (why evolution is true) or not, but he puts up a lot of posts on this topic. Many universities (usually in the US, but not always) – usually the student unions and such, have this zero tolerance policy about entertaining ideas that they don’t agree with. The far left is now what used to be the far right. They both behave the same way. Hunh. Who’d a thunk it?


      • WEIT has been on my blog roll for a LONG time! Yes I have seen where free speech has been heading. They know not what they do. The gains made from the hippie era are getting swept under the rug by the “I feel insulted” brigade.

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