I’m Smart and Humble, Have the Mystery of the Universe Figured Out – And Anyone Who Challenges Me Will Not Be Tolerated!

Irony can often be a great source of entertainment for me and I get plenty of it while reading and commenting on various blogs.  The latest dose of it came while reading posts of one particular individuals blog, and then his comments on another blog.  I had such a good laugh, I figured I’d make this into a quick post.

This person

  • Knows which God is the right one
  • Knows the proper way to worship this God
  • Describes atheists as arrogant
  • Disagrees with biblical Scholars who don’t share his view
  • Heavily moderates his blog and routinely edits and/or deletes comments that he finds “vile” or “poisonous” (i.e. don’t agree with him or even ask questions that he doesn’t like)

You would think that someone, who is so knowledgeable that he has the mystery of the entire universe all figured out, would be a little reluctant to call others arrogant!  You’d also be a little surprised that such a person would be so intolerant of other’s views, but even so, we all have our faults.  But to complain that he’s been banned on other people’s blogs?  That’s just too rich for me to resist sharing!



13 thoughts on “I’m Smart and Humble, Have the Mystery of the Universe Figured Out – And Anyone Who Challenges Me Will Not Be Tolerated!

    • Oh, no link. I just wanted to share a little story, that’s all. It’s CS. He dropped by to comment on tildeb’s blog today. I read through his comments complaining about people banning him from their blog and couldn’t believe what I was reading.


      • archaeopteryx1 says:

        James had a similar post going, maybe they collaborated on the “poor little me” game, when those two ban and delete more comments than anyone else I know.


        • I’m not even aware of this James character. I’ve commented on CS’s blog about a year ago so that’s how I know him, but then started getting moderated and censored and edited so I stopped.


    • He sounds pretty pissed at you son!
      Although, I will say that just reading that, he doesn’t sound as crazy as CS. That guy is just downright out of his godamn mind. Pretty scary actually.


      • archaeopteryx1 says:

        He sounds pretty pissed at you son!

        I’ve always considered that, whether from James or CS, to be the highest compliment!


  1. I don’t know of the James character, have seen CS postings here and there. A real piece of work.

    I do not have the temperment for dealing with those kinds of folks. I am glad you guys take care of it 🙂 When you need the “Hulk Smash!” guy, lemme know. Oh wait, don’t, I should watch my blood pressure better.

    These people seem to know exactly what is the right way to believe, and seem to know exactly what their dogs require. If they were so damned right in what they “know”, why would they need to resort to post edits and bans? Tis a bit funny to see one incapable of understanding why a ban happened to them.

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    • To say that Moses wasn’t a real person and that perhaps Christianity is a fairly tale is “vile” and “venomous” and of course warrants editing or censoring or banning.
      I find it funny with crackpots like that who are on blogs and are relatively harmless. Unfortunately there are real world consequences when enough people like that get their way.


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