Critical Thinking

The Madness is almost over – sort of

There’s only 8 days to go until the US election and I cannot wait for this to be over.  I expect Hillary Clinton to win.  I’d like to think it will be by a landslide and all polls indicate it will be that way.  It is at this point that I cannot express enough condolences to any American readers of my blog.  To have to choose between an unscrupulous, sociopathic, pathological liar and an illiterate, ignorant, psychotic moron would seem to me to be extremely depressing.  If you want to listen to a great podcast about the utter lack of any human worth in either candidate, listen to Sam Harris’ “The Lesser Evil” – a conversation with Andrew Sullivan.  It was amazing, insightful, depressing and even slightly optimistic.  Both have very little good to say about Hillary Clinton but are voting for her and recommend that everyone else does too, because the alternative would be a million times worse.

It is at this point, that I think I would like to point out that the need for education reform in the United States is DIRE.  That Donald Trump has made it as far as he has – legitimately because large numbers of extremely paranoid, ignorant, stupid people voted for him in primaries – should be of great concern for any American who would like to see that their country remain a world super power.  The US is the one country that the UN doesn’t function without.  It’s the lynch pin that, as we learned in 2008, can have serious consequences on the stability of the global economy.  We can’t have a nation full of morons voting for another moron like Donald Trump to be at the helm of a world super power without there being some disastrous consequences.  This man should have been laughed out of the room when he announced his bid for the White House.  Why wasn’t he?  That’s a question that every concerned, patriotic US citizen should be asking themselves every single day.  The second question should be “How do we prevent this from ever happening again?”  My answer to the second question is robust education which places the highest value on critical thought, sound reasoning skills and the ability to discern between evidence and rhetoric.  My answer to the first question I think should be self-evident.


2 thoughts on “The Madness is almost over – sort of

    • Sorry, didn’t see your comment until now.
      I’m a mechanical engineer with 20 years experience in mining and pulp/paper industry. In critical thinking in particular, I wouldn’t say I have any official education and background.


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