Misplaced Moral Outrage (At least I think so)

I was reading through some news here.  There’s a feud going on between a Georgia Representative and civil rights activist John Lewis and President Elect Donald Trump.  After referring to the president elect as “not a legitimate president”, Donald had the following to say
“Congressman John Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart (not to mention crime infested) rather than falsely complaining about the election results, All talk, talk, talk — no action or results. Sad!”

I’ve read it over and over. I agree with it except for perhaps the “all talk” part of the tweet.  I don’t know what John Lewis’ record as a representative is (and I’d be willing to bet a lot of money that Trump doesn’t either) but I would think that his civil rights record speaks for itself.  However, to say that this tweet demonstrates his disdain for the African-American community or that he is “spitting in the face” of all black people is simply ridiculous.  It does nothing of the sort.

Like it or not, Trump is the legitimate President.  All of this whining and moaning about him not being a legitimate president, or Russian hacking effecting the results of the election are starting to get really old.  Yes, he’s an idiot and an ignoramus and an egomaniac.  He won the election fair and square and whether you voted for him or not, whether you like him or not, he’s your President.  The democrats had their chance, and they blew it.  Just think how incompetent and out of touch you have to be to lose a general election to an illiterate orangutan internet troll.  (Granted Hillary won the popular vote but not the one that counted)  No really – sit and think about that.  Instead of railing against Trump, maybe try and figure out how you could f*&k something up so bad so you don’t make the same mistake 4 years from now.


10 thoughts on “Misplaced Moral Outrage (At least I think so)

  1. Carmen says:

    Not sure I agree with you on this one. I’ll try to explain my point of view.

    I’m Canadian, first of all, so my interpretation must be tempered somewhat. I do feel, however, that your opinion essentially tells people – people who have very real fears about losing their healthcare, losing their hard-fought rights (LGBTQ); groups who’ve been slandered and demeaned; women who have had to listen to a man with zero respect for them – to stfu. I can’t see that it’s helpful at all to suggest that those people should just ‘get over it’. In fact, I would say that it even sends a supportive signal to the President-elect; something that – if I were American – I would have a difficult time doing. In fact, I have been reading (on various blogs) the difficult time many people are having just coming to grips with the fact that so many of their compatriots voted for a man who has displayed such arrogant contempt for people in general. I don’t think that, as someone outside the U.S., any one of us should be levelling any kind of criticism at those unfortunate people who were blindsided by the unthinkable. In fact, I consider it rather unfeeling to pass such judgement on same.

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  2. Carmen,

    I’m Canadian too. I believe we had this conversation a while back on Victoria’s blog. You’re from the East Coast if I remember correctly. I’m from Northern Ontario
    This point of this post is not to praise Donald Trump in anyway. I’ve said it several times before. I think the man is a deplorable human being. He’s an ignoramus and a moron. There is every possibility that he will do a great deal of things that will set back the progress of America for many years to come. Then again, there is also a slight possibility that he may do a few good things as well. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. I don’t think he has any interest at all in dealing with LGBT issues or abortion either for that matter. As for the healthcare, that is something to worry about and it’s one of the reasons why people shouldn’t have voted for him. But none of this has anything to do with his tweet and this post.
    The point of this post is to get people to temper their criticism and stop spinning every single thing he does as a slight against entire subsections of the population. Crying wolf constantly only makes matters worse. Why? Because when he actually does say something racists and sexist, no one is going to take the accusation seriously. There was absolutely nothing whatsoever in that tweet that merited any charges of racism or suggested that he somehow denigrated every single African American on the planet. It’s a ridiculous thing to say and it’s childish. The tweet was directed at one man and one man only – John Lewis. I actually happen to agree with what he said. Instead of constantly whining about election results, maybe focus your attention on the job at hand. It’s over, He won. If you’re American, stop saying “He’s not my President” or “He’s not a legitimate President”. For starters, it’s NOT TRUE. He IS your President LEGITIMATELY whether you like it or not. He won the election. Calling him a Nazi, when he clearly isn’t, calling him illegitimate when he clearly isn’t, accusing every single word that comes out of his mouth as racist isn’t going to achieve exactly NOTHING. It’s the reason why he won the election. People are fed up with being called a racist or a bigot or an islamophobe if they say something that doesn’t conform to a political correctness standard that is currently out of control and seems to be only getting worse. It’s to the point now where he can’t say ANYTHING reasonable. He said John Lewis is just talk and no action? Oh my! He’s a racist and he hates every single black person on the face of the earth!
    If they ever hope to get anything accomplished while he is president, they’re going to have to figure out a way to work with him instead of throwing temper tantrums and hissy fits every time he says something they don’t like.

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    • Carmen says:

      Morning Ashley,
      I was out last night so couldn’t reply in a timely fashion. What WAS timely, though, was this – a meme that Scottie posted a little while after your post went up – which crystallizes, for me anyway, why African Americans have every right to be morally outraged.
      I also happened to catch the interview (on CBC last night) with the California Senator (Democratic) who supports John Lewis in his outrage. She raised the point that if the Russians were involved in getting Trump into office, perhaps that interferes with the legitimacy of his Presidency. It makes sense to me. Also, keeping in mind that yesterday was Martin Luther King day, I really think perhaps you’ve missed the underlying premise here — that only 8% of African Americans voted for Trump. Perhaps you need to acquaint yourself with the reasons. Now, it seems to me that I’m not African American so I can’t be expected to know what it’s like to have lived their experience in the world. It also seems to me that perhaps it would be rather arrogant of me to presume to criticize a well-respected member of society and, in essence, suggest that he and his supporters were being childish for their reactions to a slur against one of their own. They GET to react (even if you think it’s overblown) any way they please.
      You might have also noticed, on a couple of blogs yesterday – this link:
      It’s gaining popularity and is comprised of many people who are organizing resistance to Trump’s agenda. Moral outrage has its place, Ashley.
      Oh, and just one more thought. I suspect that there are people who would feel that your reaction to this incident is, in itself, an overreaction. One might even suggest it might be termed a ‘hissy fit’. 😉

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      • Carmen,

        The only involvement the Russians that may have had any effect on the outcome of the election, is that they were responsible for the hacking and subsequent release of some of Hillary’s e-mails. Might it have swayed some people to the Trump camp? Perhaps? If that’s all it took, it doesn’t say much for the average American voter does it? I would have thought that just listening to the man talk at the debates, listening to him brag about sexually molesting women that work for him and call all Mexican rapists and murderers and thieves would have been more than enough evidence that he is unfit for office. Apparently, this didn’t faze roughly 60 million people. Some people were actually stupid enough to believe that he was going to imprison Hillary and build a wall between the US and Mexico and get Mexico to pay for it. The hacked emails were the deciding factor? I don’t so. Does this make Donald Trump an illegitimate president? No.
        All of the points that you make are valid, but they have nothing to do with the subject of this “feud” between Lewis and Trump. Lewis suggested that Trump is not a legitimate president. He’s out of line. Trump called him on it and told him to focus on his own job rather than whine about election results. That’s it. That’s the entirety of this “feud”. It’s got nothing to do with the African American community. It’s got nothing to do with racism. It’s got nothing to do with how many African-American’s voted for Trump. None of these topics are remotely related to this “feud” going on between Lewis and Trump in any way whatsoever.

        “It also seems to me that perhaps it would be rather arrogant of me to presume to criticize a well-respected member of society and, in essence, suggest that he and his supporters were being childish for their reactions to a slur against one of their own. ”

        Trump is criticizing a well respected member of society for making false accusations about the legitimacy of his presidency. NOTHING MORE. He didn’t slur anyone. To suggest that he did is to literally make stuff up out of thin air. If there is a racial slur in that tweet, it’s presence remains a mystery to me, because I haven’t seen it. Furthermore, if there is definite proof that the Russians (or anyone else for that matter), have had an influence on the election then there should be some kind of legal proceedings to sort the matter out. I noticed that hasn’t happened yet and isn’t likely to any time in the near future. So there is either some kind of massive conspiracy going on OR, perhaps it’s just sour grapes.

        The reason I made this post, is because I have grown beyond tired of hearing people making things up out of thin air. I’m tired of hearing people whine about the election. I’m tired of hearing people tell the electoral college that they shouldn’t vote for Trump. I’m tired of people being outraged at things that Trump didn’t actually say. The fact of the matter is that the Democrats had their chance – and the BLEW IT. Their competition was a illiterate, ignorant buffoon – and they STILL lost. How in the world could this have happened? It appears as though they haven’t learned a SINGLE thing from this disaster.
        I can’t stand Trump and after taking a few online type questionnaires, I found that I only agree with about 6% of his policies. I think he’s an idiot and he’s going to make a terrible President. BUT, I also respect the democratic process. He won the election. The people have spoken. I seem to remember a lot of people chiding him when he said that he wouldn’t respect the results of the election if he’d lost. Hmmmm – how quickly we abandon our principles when the shoe is on the other foot.
        I sincerely hope I am very wrong about him being terrible because I want him to succeed. I’m Canadian but some of the things that he’ll do will influence the world economy which I am a part of. Like it or, he’s our next door neighbor and he and Trudeau are going to be meeting on many occasions and discussing very important things. So we can either deal with it, or we can sit and pout and have temper tantrums and whine about it for the next 4 years.


  3. Ashley I disagree with both you and the post. I do agree entirely with Carmen on this. Here is my thoughts.

    Well I disagree with the post. Here is why. Legally he is the President just as the writer says. However the right spent 8 years delegitimizing the Presidency of President Obama. Yes they spent 8 years making President Obama illegitimate. They had no reason to except they were upset that a member of the democrat party won, and second that person was black. Really they tried it with Bill Clinton when he won but because he was not black they couldn’t really get much traction. The republicans in our country seem to feel they alone have the right to rule. Not the right to govern but the right to rule. A good example is they made Obama’s presidency 7 years instead of 8 with the failure to even consider a supreme court nomination. The country voted for a 4 year term for president, not an 3 year term. In fact a supreme court nomination was voted on and approved during the last year of a republican president. Surprising now that their party is in the white house they are screaming unfair and no way at the democrats doing the same thing to their man in office. I feel they stole that seat on the court and if they don’t pick a centralist, then they get the same treatment they gave to President Obama. In fact I feel that the statements , actions, and demeanor of tRump has already delegitimize him as president and nothing they say can redeem in im my view. This has nothing to do with who won the election. It has to due entirely with the actions and statements of the President elect. Hugs


    • And Scottie, if you could please explain to me what any of this has to do with “feud” between Lewis and Trump?
      So basically am I to understand that even though he won the election, it’s irrelevant. No matter what, Trump’s presidency is illegitimate? Is that what you are arguing? Are you telling me that you don’t respect the democratic process?
      Your whole statement is tantamount to a tu quoque argument. They behaved like assholes for 8 years when Obama was President so we will too? We’ll lie, we’ll make stuff up, we’ll not recognize the election results….
      What is this?!?!?!?!


      • Hello Ashley, let me try to flesh out what I am saying. From your response to Carmen I doubt you will see this with any more clarity than you did her reply. First the Russian involvement was far more than just the hacked emails. They had a dedicated server in the Trump Tower that was connected to a server in Russia. *http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/cover_story/2016/10/was_a_server_registered_to_the_trump_organization_communicating_with_russia.html*
        The tRump team admits they had contact with Moscow by different members of the team, including P. Manafort who was still being paid for prior work for the Russian government. As to the idea that attaching a black civil rights leader by lying about his heroic actions doesn’t involve the black community, that is not realistic. Now as to the points I was raising. tRump won the electoral college. To say he won the election is to imply he won the popular vote, which he did not. He lost that by almost 3 million votes. His electoral college win was not that great, despite his constant lies about winning in a landslide. In fact less than a quarter of the American voting public voted for him. A bigger percentage voted for Hillary. Here is how it breaks down. Less than half the eligible voters voted. Of that less than half, more voted for Hillary, it was 48.2% for Hillary to 46.2% for tRump. However it is true tRump will be the president on Jan 20th. That doesn’t make him legitimate.

        As I wrote in my first comment simply being president doesn’t make the office holder legitimate. I cited a few examples. Add to that tRumps own actions, demeanor, out right near constant lying, his lack of control and vindictive tweeting, and his total disregard for any societal norms of behavior. You mentioned a good many of them in your response to Carmen. That is what makes him an illegitimate president in my mind. His own acts condemn him.

        As to what this has to do with the “feud going on between…” those two, it is because John Lewis said that tRump is illegitimate that tRump lashed out at J. Lewis. It is easy to connect the dots.

        I did not say that that the democrats should lie or make stuff up. I do feel they need to treat the incoming administration with the same level of contempt that was shown to Pres. Obama and to a lesser extent to Pres.Clinton. The democrats in congress need to block and obstruct anything that the republicans try to if it is not helpful to the lesser incomes, or help the country in a progressive manner. They need to stay united in the obstruction of all attempts to dismantle the financial safety nets and block any attempt to cut health care access. That includes the plan by incoming nominee Price. His plans would basically make health care a thing for the wealthy only. For the working poor and the lower incomes all they get is the right to suffer. The democrats must not roll over and give the republicans a shot at having a ideolog hard right winger appointed to the supreme court’s seat. They shouldn’t have that seat to fill as I explained before. I am not talking a tit for tat attitude as you want to call it. I am talking standing firm as the opposition party to block the worst of the republican plans and to promote the best we can get for the country. Again almost 3 million more voters wanted the progressive candidate. I do think they days of giving the republican party the benefit of the doubt has long past. They have shown their true colors and it is now up to the democrats to fight as hard as the republicans did. I hope this clears up any confusion of where I stand. Hugs


        • So they had a dedicated server in Trump tower communicating with Russia? This proves that the Russians influenced the election results? Not by a long shot. You’re going to need more than that. The FBI and CIA haven’t been able to dig up a smoking gun yet. It’s been over 2 months since the election. What are they waiting for?
          I see this with plenty of clarity. It is you, I am afraid who are conflating all kinds of issues without any regard for the issue at hand. Firstly, you demonstrate quite clearly that you don’t understand the difference between illegitimate and unpopular.
          “To say he won the election is to imply he won the popular vote” No, it’s not. You’re making stuff up out of thin air right now. To say he won the election is to say he won the election. PERIOD. There is a process whereby the President is selected in the US. Trump won under this process. This marks the 5th time in history that an American has won the Presidency without winning the popular vote. It happens. To suggest that it is not “legitimate” is to not understand how the voting process in the US works. Suggesting that because he is a buffoon and an ignoramus or that he is vindictive or a liar, that that somehow makes him illegitimate is to not understand the meaning of the word. Show me a politician who isn’t a liar. You don’t like Trump? He’s a liar? More people voted for Hillary? IRRELEVANT. He won the election under the process that’s been used for over 200 years. He’ll be the President of the United States as of Friday. Saying that he’s illegitimate over and over will not make it so. His powers as President of the US will not be diminished one iota by the fact that he didn’t win the popular vote.
          “As to the idea that attaching a black civil rights leader by lying about his heroic actions doesn’t involve the black community, that is not realistic. ”
          Where you are getting this from, I have no idea. Trump is responding to one accusation only. That he is not the legitimate President. This is accusation is a LIE. Nothing trump said demeaned Lewis’ actions in the black community. He didn’t even refer to them. He called him an ineffective representative of Georgia. Given that they rank 20th out of 50 states for both violent crime and education, this criticism is not without merit. I would say there is room for improvement.


          • Ashley you have your opinion, and I have mine. You are being pedantic and you have refused to see Carmen’s points as well as mine. I feel you just want to argue. I do not. I have made my points. Accept them or don’t. Be well. Hugs


            • I don’t even see that you’ve made any points at all. The only thing that you have asserted is that because you (and a great deal of other people) don’t like Trump and because he didn’t win the popular vote and that because he is an extremely unsavory character, he is therefore not a legitimate President. None of those things are the case. He won the election. This is not an “opinion”, it’s a fact. I notice that this is something that a great deal of people have trouble coming to terms with. Not my problem.


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