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The Mind of the Regressive Leftist

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here and I am feeling especially chipper this morning.  I had a wonderful chat with a bloke who is advocating for the firing of Katie Hopkins because of a “racist” or “inflammatory” or “offensive” tweet.  After many back and forth posts, this was the resultant gem of wisdom that I was left with.  I feel I just had to share it with you all.

Some context

  • The “hypothetical” situation he is referring to, is one in which he feels that he would shoulder at least some of the responsibility for hurling insults at someone and that person knocking his teeth out as a result.  When asked if it would have been better to have kept his mouth shut, his reply was “EXACTLY”.  When asked to confirm that violence is a great way of shutting people up, he waffled for several posts before saying “no”, completely contradicting his own view that he should have kept his mouth shut.  He had plenty to say after that, trying to dig himself out of his own trap, but that could easily be the subject of another post entirely.
  • The paragraph about “What I missed” about his “hypothetical” situation was not mentioned or alluded to in anyway prior to this post – so I guess I was expected to be clairvoyant


“Well, after some sleep….. let me take you by the hand and explain…. watch and read very, very carefully…..

The hypothetical situation I described, was an illustration that one’s words have an impact. The reaction of the hypothetical tooth remover, one might argue, was possibly (did I mention that this is a hypothetical situation) as a result of the hypothetical third party being offended, rather than his existential raison-d’etre to ensure I didn’t say the things I said again!

What you missed, in the developing hypothetical narrative, and it would be hard for you to know about the hypothetical end of the story, but because I am exceedingly ‘hench’…. I reacted violently to having my teeth violently removed, ripped the assailants’ arms from their sockets and proceeded to hit him around the head and torso with the soggy ends of the aforementioned arms, all the while unleashing an unrestrained tirade of abuse – albeit it with a rather awkward lisp – rendering the initial verbal interaction, whimpering in its shadow!

….. so to pick up on some of the points you are trying to drive…. (as I understand them)…. when I Said ‘EXACTLY’ to keeping my mouth shut, that is all about personal responsibility…. and applying my own intelligence to not initiate a ‘situation’.

Violence only normally escalates, and from my perspective, violence or the threat of violence are not a ‘nice, great or good’ way of shutting people up (from a ‘moral’ perspective)…. it is also not efficient (on its own) from a practical perspective…. even when threatened by an overtly powerful opponent, the truth, and opposition, has ways of getting ‘in’ and getting ‘out’…. See Ghandi, see South Africa etc. etc.

Returning to the original scenario, (remember, the hypothetical one.. 😀 ) if I wasn’t so “hench” or the assailant, (by some almost impossible stretch of the imagination) was actually more ‘hench’ (almost impossible to contemplate, I know….!) I might have retreated, cowered and thought about hurling abuse at the assailant in the future. They might (hypothetically) have then used that exchange to bully me into silence in the future…. thereby effectively censoring me… especially if associated with a specific threat of “If you say X again, I will do Y”…..”

Now, after having read this, is there any possible way that you could conclude that this outburst came from the healthy mind of a normal person?


9 thoughts on “The Mind of the Regressive Leftist

    • Right Carmen? I mean, I know I’m biased because I’m arguing with him and you you may be biased in my favour because You know me a little.
      But this guy isn’t playing with a full deck right!?!?


      • Carmen says:

        I’ll tell you, Ashley, I am amazed at some of the things believers write on blogs. Early in my blogging days, I stated that I was a feminist on a blog. It’s a blog that’s run by a lovely woman who happens to be christian. You wouldn’t believe the nasty, hateful threats I got from a certain commenter on there. She finally had to ban the guy after she and several other posters came to my defence. He was brutal. After that experience, nothing would surprise me from so-called christians. My experience has been that they start out being sensible and, after they realize you aren’t going to be swayed by their bullshit, many of them turn vicious and hateful. It’s the reason I don’t comment on many blogs run by christians. I just don’t trust most of them.


        • I found this guy on a Christopher Hitchens appreciation society on Facebook. As far as I am aware, he’s not a Christian, just a regressive leftist idiot.


          • Carmen says:

            Yes, well, they’re everywhere! (Idiots, I mean!) 🙂 You think to yourself, “they walk among us”. . . Oh, and I can’t believe some of the things I read on Noseybook either. You’ve just got to shake your head.


      • Carmen says:

        Unless people are promoting violence upon others, yes. The repercussions, in this case, include having people criticize you for your behaviour online. That is a given and a consequence of not using good sense in expressing oneself.


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