Blocked Again! (This time on Facebook)

Well haven’t I had an unusually cantankerous, controversial and adversarial week!  Another week, another snowflake bites the dust!  I guess I’ll have to get my fill someplace else.  The who really isn’t important.  He’s a professor at Queen’s University (who curiously isn’t on RateMyProfessor for some reason).  How do I know him?  I did a Dying with Dignity event a few years ago and he was one of the speakers at it.  Seemed like a nice enough guy at the time.  I friended him on Facebook a few months later.  But then, as I discovered much to my chagrin, (using Tildeb’s terminology), that he’s a card carrying regressive leftist.  How regressive you may ask?  Everyone that disagrees with him is: Alt-Right, A Right-Winger, Hitler, Racist, Bigot, Coconut, (fill_in_the_blank Ad hominem).  Now I can admit, that I am provocative and I’m stubborn and just can’t let shit go.  So I have been responding on his Facebook page to his various extreme left posts that he puts up a little more regularly that usual.  The latest one was so ridiculous that I just couldn’t help myself and unfortunately for me, it was the straw that broke the camels back.

I’ve been an admirer of Jordan Peterson for quite some time now.  There are some things that I vehemently disagree with him about (particularly in light of his Christianity and his view that Western Civilization is predicated on it) but I am entirely on board with his views that Cultural Marxism/Post Modernism that has completely infected the Universities, and more importantly, his position on free speech.  This former professor acquaintance of mine is part of a panel of people who are going to be discussing (tonight actually – March 20) “safe spaces and online harassment” in the aftermath of the Jordan Peterson event at Queen’s just a few weeks ago.  Here’s what he had to say when I asked him about the protests and the disruption of the events when I asked him:

Protests No Big Deal

As if that’s not bad enough, he had the audacity to tell me about how civil his discussion will be, because “that’s how they roll at Queen’s U”!!!!!!  Apparently posting a YouTube video as a rebuttal that directly contradicts his absurd claim that debates are “civil” at Queen’s University was just too much for him.  He replied with some other nonsensical bullshit and informed me that he was going to be blocking me.  I’d show a screenshot, but unfortunately, I can’t because, being blocked and all, I no longer have access to the thread.

Pay attention everyone.  This is the kind of idiot that is teaching your children at post secondary schooling institutions.


9 thoughts on “Blocked Again! (This time on Facebook)

  1. So much for ‘dialoguing’.

    You must have triggered the prof with suggesting reality is different from the bubble world he projects, and everyone knows this calls for the Tone Police because you must be the problem.

    Bad Ashley. Go to your room and don’t come out until you learn how to ‘respect’ your betters.

    Funny how ‘respect’ now apparently means ‘going along with’, ‘not criticizing’, ‘keeping one’s mouth shut’. Proper dialogue I guess can only occur when proper respect is shown, meaning we can talk but on the condition that we begin in agreement and that that is determined by me. That’s the only way we can feel safe together and have a truly fair and open dialogue. Moving forward, of course. It’s all about moving forward… especially if it’s in a negative direction. We regress in order to advance, you see, because regressing is really just a different kind of forward move.


    • I am kicking myself for not taking screen shots of our conversations and the conversations I had with his even more obnoxious, stupid comrade who also blocked me. You’d think that after talking with people like this, I’d know better by now. Think whatever you may of Jordan Peterson, but suggesting that he’s literally Hitler, I mean Christ, you don’t even need to have a brain to do that and consider it some kind of argument. I took him to task for calling Peterson Hitler as nothing more than an ad hominem, suggesting that he knows nothing about Peterson, nor about Hitler for that matter. His arguments never made it past the “responding to tone” section in the argument pyramid. I’d post a 400 or 500 word rebuttal, at one point saying that having a PhD is no safeguard against being stupid and lazy. He read though the entire thing and his only response was “stupid and lazy = ad hominem”. That’s it. Scan through a response and look for words to apply a label to and consider it a counter argument. And the most worrying thing about this, is that these aren’t some average Joe Schmoe’s who like to shotgun beer while watching “When Buildings Fall Over” on Fox. We’re talking about University Educated, PhD’s who teach people for a living – and they can’t make an argument to save their life. I spend a lot more time thinking about this lately because I have a step-daughter that’s going to post-secondary education within 2-3 years. She’s a pretty independent thinker so I’m not that worried about her being indoctrinated, but I am worried about her having a difficult time at the hands of one or more mouth-frothing ideologically possessed professor(s) who will have it in for her because she doesn’t subscribe to their line of thinking. Moreover, a portion of my tax dollars are going to subsidize idiots like this!
      I don’t know how we’re going to dig ourselves out of this one!

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        • I keep hearing that. That’s the apparent problem. Ironically (or perhaps not), this is the exact same argument that religious apologists use when you question their religion or beliefs. Po-Mo/Cultural Marxism is just secular religious ideology. All the hallmarks of belief and defense thereof are exactly the same.


          • I think that’s a keen and accurate observation, Ashley. It also another indication of narcissism stamped with academic approval.

            Depending on what your step-daughter wants out of an undergraduate degree, and if she’s planning on furthering her education in Canada, you might want to check out Liberal Studies at VIU. It’s a degree that truly educates, in the sense that education is what you have left when you’ve forgotten everything you’ve ever learned. Fabulous program that gives back value for the rest of your life no matter what else you do.


            • Hey Tildeb. At the moment, it’s likely that she’s end up going to a college rather than university because she’s interested in art. Something along the lines of graphic design or things of that nature. We still have some time to decide but I’ll be making sure to check out any place she wants to go. I’ll be using the Campus Freedom Index to see what kind of school it is. Not going to be giving any SJW-infested school a dime of my money. I’ll be sure to check out this link you’ve given me though.
              So I’ll take this time to ask. Where ya been? Haven’t seen you active on your blog in a while. Life been keeping you busy?


              • I found I was starting to recycle. So I decided to spend more of my efforts simply commenting.

                My son was given his education money to spend on post secondary schooling any way he saw fit. He was accepted into a good program at a university but, after a year, switched to college, received three years of training, moved directly into a full time job making more than his parents ever did in an area he’s quite good at, has become somewhat indispensable to his employer because he’s a capable critical and creative thinker and who keeps trying to give him more perks to stay, and his decisions seem to have taken away all the usual stress and worry most parents have to cope with, the bugger. Suffering was so good for my soul in fact that I think offspring especially should have to receive their fair share in at least equal measure but hey, life doesn’t work that way as we found out starting even before birth. He has built himself a specialized room for his virtual gaming because, hey, why wouldn’t you if you could? And the Tesla order creeps ever closer to delivery date. My education taught me how to parent to produce a healthy, happy, responsible grown up out of a child and so I have nothing but confidence he’ll handle whatever comes his way. And that’s easier I think when the income is good than when the income is insufficient. And that’s what college is all about. And I know because, as unlikely as it may seem, my father helped design the college system in Ontario to do exactly that. Universities are for something entirely different but they’ve lost their way.

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                • You sound like the kind of guy it’d be fun to sit down and have a beer with and solve the world’s problems. Doubt anyone would listen to us but hey, it’d be fun to try! LOL


  2. Even with an obscene amount of beer consumed, it would be hard to do a worse job.

    I guarantee we’d have fun even without the beer.

    I used to help organize monthly Philosophy Cafes where we’d get about a hundred people out to a local bar and listen to various invited speakers and then pursue a lively debate… because I think that’s fun.

    Also, the program I mentioned was all about seminars – the profs were rotated in and out from all faculties to deliver a wide spectrum of multi-disciplinary lectures – and the meat was the seminars where students talked about important ideas (done in a brilliant way: read an important or influential or controversial work, write a question about it, explain in written form why the question was important, and then present the question in seminar).

    I know many students tried to organize their seminar schedules to be in my group because unbeknownst to most bloggers I’m actually a very funny and creative person who helped establish a really friendly and accepting social environment. The level of humour and laughing from the group I was in – usually 20 – 30 people – was always very high – even from the shyest of people – and the discussions a huge amount of fun no matter what level of participation each student offered… even if the source topics themselves were sometimes deadly dull and serious. An uproariously funny series of seminars had to do with studying Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica but, after six hours of seminar, every student had a very firm grasp on his central ideas even if the work itself is and remains, I think, one of the most logically brutal treatises – and therefore opaque to normal comprehension – anyone could read.

    To give you some idea of the scope of the program, my question about quantum mechanics and Bell’s theorem using Zukav’s The Dancing Wu Li Masters had to do with how could ‘reality’ create something new, something more, than the sum of its interacting parts… insight into a reality which we are immersed. I still know people who fondly remember my QM lyrics to a musical round I wrote, and that they sang in a stairwell to create ‘new’ voices – and a new melody unsung by anyone! – from the harmonics that emerged from their raised voices. Making connections between divergent fields of study is my specialty, you see, so what better way to understand the new physics than through using the old math of music? It made quite an impact – and all without the use of hallucinatory drugs! Reality, it turns out, is actually cool enough all on its own. And that was just a typical week.

    Would people listen? Well, they’d probably have a lot of fun in person (I still write academically when I present serious ideas), but only if they were willing to expand rather than garrison their opinions.

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