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On Hypocrisy

So I’ve been a follower of the Why Evolution is True for quite some time now.  I’ve even met Jerry Coyne, got my book signed by him and sat right beside him at a brunch event on the topic of free will.  Seemed like a nice enough guy.  I’ve made some comments on his blog on various posts over the years but they are generally quite few and far between.  That was, until yesterday.  I’ve contravened the rigorously enforced “roolz” of the language police and have now been banned from here


The apparent thread that set it all off started at comment number 23.  I’ll let you read it through and decide for yourself.   Apparently telling someone who brings up the electoral college and the popular vote (a year and a half after the election) that they’re just engaging in sour grapes is a grave insult.  I encourage you to read through the rest of the post and you’ll find instances of “insults” being leveled at other people.  Didn’t see any warnings issued to those people.  I suspect it was because of my political stance (I’m not a rabid, mouth-frothing Trump-hater like almost everyone else in the forum) although he denies it.
This was the thread that broke the camel’s back apparently and got me banned:

Jerry Coyne banned

Now, this wouldn’t really be that big a deal if it wasn’t for the fact that he routinely posts stories on his blog, decrying the suppression of free speech on University campuses.  It wouldn’t be that big of a deal if he didn’t say the following about John Haught after a public debate the two of them had in which Haught tried to get the video of the event suppressed:
“I am deeply angry about this stand, and can see only one reason for what Haught has done: cowardice. He lost the debate; his ideas were exposed for the mindless theological fluff that they were; and I used his words against him, showing that even “sophisticated” theology, when examined under the microscope of reason, is just a bunch of made-up stuff, tales told by idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. ”

Apparently calling a man a coward and telling him that his ideas are mindless fluff told by an idiot is perfectly fine and not insulting in any way.  (Ironically, I completely agree with everything Jerry said.  I’ve watched the debate and I couldn’t make heads or tails of anything that John Haught said.  Gibberish from start to finish as far as I could tell.)   However don’t you dare direct any insults towards him or even his readers because the language police will ban you!

I don’t have a right to post on anyone’s blog.  I never claimed that I did.  The only thing I have done, is point out that for a a man that claims to be in favour of free speech, he quite plainly doesn’t practice what he preaches.

And that’s why he’s a complete and total Hypocrite.

Critical Thinking, Free Speech

A Serious Question – Who’s Worse? Trump Supporters or Trump Protestors

My fascination with American Politics has increased considerably over the last 10 years or so.  The Candidates from the Republican Party are more right wing, more ignorant and frankly, more insane every 4 year election cycle.  At the time, I thought Bush was pretty bad but when I think about it now, he’s got nothing on the new crop of Republicans.  McCain, going partially senile and demented, nominating Sarah Palin as his running mate who as far as I am concerned, is a pycho f*&king loon was worse.  The Romney/Paul ticket wasn’t a whole lot better.  This year, it would appear that the whole thing has slid completely off the rails.  I literally cannot believe what I am seeing on tv and watching on the internet.  However, I am not entirely convinced that Donald Trump is as ignorant and stupid as he appears.  I think that there is an element of showmanship and toadyism.  He appears to be pretty damn good at telling people what they want to hear.  Whether or not he actually believes it, I don’t know.

Anywho, that brings me to my question.  Who is worse – the people who are ignorant and stupid enough to follow Trump and vote for him? – Or the people who show up at his rallies to protest him and get in fights (regardless of whether or not they started them) with his supporters?  He’s got every right to be saying what he’s saying so why would they do that?  The first amendment to the constitution guarantees him that.  If you want to protest him, there’s a very easy way that doesn’t involve conflict.  Don’t vote for him.

Help me out here people.

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Censorship run Amok

Perusing through the news, I came across this article about serial killer Robert Picton (who proclaims his innocence) writing a memoir that has been withdrawn from the Canadian site of Amazon within hours of it being posted.

There are so many contradictions and twisted/illogical thinking in this case that I am having a hard time wrapping my head around this.  The memoir, titled “Picton: In his own words” was available on until it was suddenly pulled from their site with no explanation.  B.C. Public Safety Minister Mike Morris is quite committed to ensuring that Robert Picton cannot profit from this book, and that “Our government believes that crime should not pay, so all British Columbians are safe. We are very clear on this.”  So Robert Picton shouldn’t be able to profit from his crime.  Fair enough.  Even though his book proclaims that he was innocent and that he was framed by Police, I can agree with that statement.  But what I can’t agree with, is the outright censorship of his book.  It hasn’t been made clear to me how, by censoring his book, people of BC have been “made safe”.  Someone would have to explain to me how the publishing of a book is a grave danger.  Especially since Lori Shenher, who helped bring Pickton to justice, wrote and published her own book on the case.  How can one book written about Robert Picton by a 3rd party not be “safe” and a book written by the man himself be “not safe”.  This makes no sense to me.

It seems very clear to me that the PC police and the Social Justice Warriors in both the public and private sector have banded together to make sure that we only read what they want us to read.  This is shameful.  Shameful and frightening.