I can’t believe this just happened…

Ladies and gents, we are witnessing the disintegration of Western Culture in front of our very eyes.    I don’t even know what more to say, other than just posting this story about a man being found guilty of a hate crime for posting a video of a dog doing a Nazi salute.  If that’s not bad enough, this should thoroughly scare the living hell out of you.  Observe the rise of Big-Brother-esque state in Britain of all places.


Scotland Big Brother







Blocked Again! (This time on Facebook)

Well haven’t I had an unusually cantankerous, controversial and adversarial week!  Another week, another snowflake bites the dust!  I guess I’ll have to get my fill someplace else.  The who really isn’t important.  He’s a professor at Queen’s University (who curiously isn’t on RateMyProfessor for some reason).  How do I know him?  I did a Dying with Dignity event a few years ago and he was one of the speakers at it.  Seemed like a nice enough guy at the time.  I friended him on Facebook a few months later.  But then, as I discovered much to my chagrin, (using Tildeb’s terminology), that he’s a card carrying regressive leftist.  How regressive you may ask?  Everyone that disagrees with him is: Alt-Right, A Right-Winger, Hitler, Racist, Bigot, Coconut, (fill_in_the_blank Ad hominem).  Now I can admit, that I am provocative and I’m stubborn and just can’t let shit go.  So I have been responding on his Facebook page to his various extreme left posts that he puts up a little more regularly that usual.  The latest one was so ridiculous that I just couldn’t help myself and unfortunately for me, it was the straw that broke the camels back.

I’ve been an admirer of Jordan Peterson for quite some time now.  There are some things that I vehemently disagree with him about (particularly in light of his Christianity and his view that Western Civilization is predicated on it) but I am entirely on board with his views that Cultural Marxism/Post Modernism that has completely infected the Universities, and more importantly, his position on free speech.  This former professor acquaintance of mine is part of a panel of people who are going to be discussing (tonight actually – March 20) “safe spaces and online harassment” in the aftermath of the Jordan Peterson event at Queen’s just a few weeks ago.  Here’s what he had to say when I asked him about the protests and the disruption of the events when I asked him:

Protests No Big Deal

As if that’s not bad enough, he had the audacity to tell me about how civil his discussion will be, because “that’s how they roll at Queen’s U”!!!!!!  Apparently posting a YouTube video as a rebuttal that directly contradicts his absurd claim that debates are “civil” at Queen’s University was just too much for him.  He replied with some other nonsensical bullshit and informed me that he was going to be blocking me.  I’d show a screenshot, but unfortunately, I can’t because, being blocked and all, I no longer have access to the thread.

Pay attention everyone.  This is the kind of idiot that is teaching your children at post secondary schooling institutions.

Alternative Medicine

How Dangerous is “Alternative” Medicine?

Consider if you will the following article about a young aboriginal girl, stricken with leukaemia, whose parents have decided to discontinue her potentially life saving chemo therapy treatments and instead treat her with “aboriginal remedies”.  You can read it here:


Children are not able to apply to apply logic and rational thinking to the decision making process because they haven’t completely developed those skills yet.  That’s the reason why the age of majority in most provinces in Canada is 19.  (There are some with an age of Majority of 18, but that’s the youngest age at which anyone can be considered an adult in the eyes of the law).  So in cases such as the one in the linked article, it falls to the parents to make informed decisions on the child’s behalf.  They are, in essence, the child’s last line of defence.  Let us closely examine what potential harm children can be exposed to when well intentioned, but ill-informed people buy into nonsense like “alternative medicine”

“There’s a fear of [aboriginal remedies] or denial of it. If things can’t be quantified or qualified, to them it’s irrelevant,” said Ms. Hill, as she shopped at Ancestral Voices Healing Centre Thursday. “Who are they [doctors] to say she will make it with their treatments. Just because they have a degree, that makes them more knowledgeable?”

How many errors in judgement can you spot in that one little paragraph?
1)  No, there isn’t a “fear” or “denial” of aboriginal remedies – there’s no such thing.  It’s not medicine nor is it science.  It’s pseudo-science.
2)  Yes, the doctors are in a much better position to determine what treatments will have the greatest chance of succeeding and what her chances of survival will be.  This is precisely because they have a degree in the relevant field (medicine).  Yes, it does make them more knowledgable.

I can assure that woman and anyone who reads this blog, that the “Ancestral Voices Healing Centre” is NOT going to have the cure for that girls leukaemia on their store shelves.

I am astounded that a judge decided that forcing a girl to continue potentially life saving chemo therapy is “imposing our view on First Nation culture”.  This has got nothing to do with culture.  This child’s skin colour, race, culture and religion are completely irrelevant.  What’s at stake here, is a child’s right to survive into adulthood.  Her parents have severely jeopardized that possibility.  A judge has allowed them to do so.  This is what happens when enough people buy into pseudo-medicinal “alternative” quackery.


Welcome to my new Blog!

Hello all!

For those of you who may know me, my name is Ashley.  I have been commenting on several other fellow skeptic/atheist bloggers blogs for several years now and I figure I can branch out on my own.  This is something I have been thinking about doing for several months now but finally summoned the courage to write something.  My goal is to have something new on my site approximately 2-3 times a month and possibly more if time permits.  Stay tuned for my first REAL post.  I am looking forward to getting your feedback and critiques about any and all subjects that I write about.  If you feel I have misrepresented someone’s view – let me know.  If you feel I have made an error in logic or critical thinking, I absolutely want to know.  Thanks for tuning in!