Is it possible that a Trump victory is the best thing to have happened to American Politics?

Let me give some context and explain that very provocative and inflammatory headline.  First of all, I would like to say that I am not a Donald Trump fan.  From what I can tell, he’s an out-and-out con man who appears to have constructed an alternate reality in his own head.  He’s (according to him) the best at everything, his buildings are the biggest, his businesses are the most profitable, etc, etc.  Whether or not something is true or not, doesn’t really seem to matter to him.  So why would I say that his becoming president was a good thing?  Or the best thing to have happened in American politics in a long time?  I’m coming at it from a different perspective.  I don’t view the presidency as a Donald Trump win or a Republican win.  I view it as a Democratic loss and a Hillary Clinton loss.  He’s a game changer.  The idea that you need an entrenched, career politician and a gigantic politically-savvy machine to run the country hasn’t been this shaken since Ronald Regan’s 1980 election.  This one, more so, in that Trump doesn’t have much support even from within his own party.  What else is so great about this?  Well, it’s exposed large swathes of the main stream media for what they are: not impartial, objective purveyors of truth, but rather the propaganda wings of their affiliated parties.  Unfortunately, it’s been rather sad and painful to see some of the fallout of this, from the Democratic Party side.  After that humiliating defeat, I would have expected that they’d have used the past year as an opportunity to learn from their mistakes, maybe back off on the identity politics and focus more on issues and how they can convey the message that they can do a better job than the Republicans.  Alas, no, that is not the case.  Their strategy appears to be to double down on the hysterics and race baiting and ad hominem attacks.  From a survey of n=1 (me), I can say that it has backfired on them and has made me more sympathetic to Trump’s administration which is a position I don’t really like being in.  It’s times like this I am glad I am not an American.  I’d like to see both sides do better and my sincere hope is that if the Trump victory has shown us something, it’s that political correctness is a political liability, not an asset.  If that’s the one thing that can be learned from all of this, I think it’ll all have been worth it.


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